The Books

The Milly, Molly series of books are written for children between the ages of three and nine. The stories relate to the adventures of two little girls from different ethnic backgrounds, along with their multi-cultural friends. All the books promote the acceptance of diversity and the teaching of life-skills, captured in a simple motto:

"We may look different but we feel the same."
Within each story there is a message with a value such as honesty, responsibility, tenacity, kindness, self-sufficiency, acceptance of difference, to name but a few, all of which are beautifully depicted in words and illustrations for young book lovers.

English - Maltese Version
The Milly Molly books have sold over 3.5 million copies in 109 countries, in 26 languages. A bilingual Maltese - English of the Milly, Molly series is now being published by Uptrend Publishing in Malta. Every page features the original text and the Maltese translation. Perfect for children learning both languages, for expatriates in Malta learning the local vernacular and Maltese living abroad seeking to keep the Maltese language alive with their children.